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Non-standard automation equipment to the basic elements to be mastered


Non-standard automation equipment to the basic elements to be mastered, the following non-standard handling robot manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

Non-standard automation equipment, many industries, Xiaobai still do not understand what this non-standard means, non-standard, in fact, is literally meaning, non-standard is not according to the standard requirements to manufacture the product equipment, but according to their own needs It is required to design and manufacture its own satisfactory product equipment. This method is more dependent and loved by customers than the well-regulated automation equipment. Non-standard automation equipment has been recognized by customers. The development of this industry is also promising.

Non-standard automated equipment testing

There are many manufacturers of non-standard automation equipment, especially in our country, there is a person who twists the package to connect non-standard automation equipment, and there are 2-3 people to undertake non-standard automation equipment, and there are hundreds of thousands of People, even listed companies to undertake non-standard automation equipment.

As far as my own experience and experience of undertaking non-standard automation equipment for many years, I have done non-standard automation equipment industry. In fact, I can do non-standard automation equipment. It is not proportional to how big the company is and how much money is. The key is the company. Are there any non-standard automation equipment talents or teams who are good at and proficient in the industry, and decide whether to do the key to the non-standard automation equipment.

Non-standard automation equipment

Can you do a few key factors for non-standard automation equipment?

1. Is there a complete team?

2, whether the hardware is equipped with some of the most basic hardware, such as spare parts returned, if there is a need to trim or modify, is equipped with the most basic elements such as milling machines, lathes, welding machines and so on.

Non-standard automation equipment

When it comes to the team, the scope of non-standard automation equipment is very wide, but it can be roughly divided into the following non-standard automation equipment, conventional electrical control non-standard automation equipment, PC+PLC control non-standard automation equipment, PC+PLC+ vision (Optical) control class non-standard automation equipment. If you are doing non-standard automation equipment according to the highest level requirements, then you must do the most basic configuration of non-standard automation equipment team 1-2 mechanical design engineers, an electrical engineer, a software and visual development engineer, an assembly fitter, a electrician. Hynix (HYNIX) Group was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. It is a technology company specializing in non-standard pipe fitting automation and technology research and development.

Non-standard automation equipment

In summary, the basic necessity for doing a good job of non-standard automation equipment is to have a talent team with good non-standard automation equipment.

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