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Non-standard automation equipment industry characteristics


When it comes to non-standard automation equipment, it is well known that there are no standard automation equipment on the market, but automation equipment customized according to the needs of users. We are collectively referred to as non-standard automation equipment. The following non-standard handling robot manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

What are the industry characteristics of non-standard automation equipment? Everyone knows that the industry is very much, the industry is different from the industry, and the demand or focus is completely different. Then it is reflected that to do non-standard automation equipment, or to sub-industry, or you have to have a very strong academic ability, a well-informed team, it is possible to do non-standard automation equipment, this is a non-standard The essentials of automation.

The use of automation equipment can effectively improve product quality and production efficiency, but in actual production activities, not all products can be produced using standard automation equipment. In the production of some special products, we need to quote some non-standard automation equipment. In the future, we will apply non-automated equipment to a wide range. The use of non-standard automation equipment has effectively improved the overall production level of China's manufacturing industry, and has actually promoted the development of the industry, which is worthy of in-depth study. Based on this, the characteristics and design of non-standard automation equipment are analyzed.

1. The performance of non-standard automation equipment: the smoothness of motion, it has sufficient strength and rigidity, can maintain the specified motion accuracy; reliability, equipment under the specified conditions, within the specified time, complete or maintain its provisions The ability to work is called reliability. The smaller the failure rate, the higher the reliability; the stability of product quality; the retention of processing accuracy; the adaptability to the environment; the ease of use and maintenance, the operation is simple and safe.

2. Technical performance of non-standard automation equipment: It has certain flexibility, can adapt to a certain range of product specifications, variety changes requirements; has a reasonable degree of non-standard automation. It is necessary to comprehensively consider according to needs and possibilities, and can not blindly pursue advanced nature without leaving the body condition; implement standardization, generalization and serialization; simple structure, easy manufacture, low cost; high productivity, high efficiency, low energy consumption; In particular, it is necessary to save valuable and scarce metal materials; reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions, not pollute the environment, stress technical aesthetics, create civilized production conditions; leave room for development, and it is possible to improve without causing the whole machine to be abandoned.

According to market logic, the growing market space can improve the company's technology research and development level and expand the scale of enterprises, and provide enterprises with good development opportunities.

Hynix Group was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. It is a technology company specializing in the research and development of testing equipment and technology in the automotive industry.

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