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What is the CCD image detector equipment, and what are the advantages?


What is the CCD image detector equipment, and what are the advantages?

The CCD can be called a CCD image sensor. A CCD is a semiconductor device that converts an optical image into a chip of a digital signal. CCD vision is more commonly understood as a camera equipped with a CCD chip. This type of camera is used in industrial production and equipment to form a set of devices with detection functions called visual inspection equipment.

CCD vision inspection equipment relies on CCD imaging camera and visual inspection system. The detection system is very important and is the core of the whole product. Therefore, the visual inspection system is based on the customer's testing requirements for the product, and according to the customer's requirements, the system development engineer has another finger. Sexual development. There are general inspection systems in the industry. These systems are generally developed in advance and may be integrated with most of the inspection functions. They can be used for direct purchase and hardware integration when the requirements are met.

CCD visual inspection equipment

Especially in recent years, CCD visual inspection equipment has been slowly accepted by the public, mainly thanks to the proposal of smart manufacturing 2025 slogan. Many enterprises also want to use this opportunity to upgrade their own enterprises and deal with industrial development. The trend, second, with the increase of labor costs, the use of machine vision inspection equipment in the long run, help companies reduce unnecessary expenditures. In general, CCD visual inspection equipment is the future enterprise transformation and upgrading to smart manufacturing The only way to go.

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