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How does the motor vehicle test station equipment work?


How does the motor vehicle test station equipment work?

Personal car testing stations are already a high-quality project in the eyes of more and more investors. The testing stations are inseparable from the testing line equipment. The motor vehicle inspection line is a testing device to ensure the normal operation of our motor vehicles. We can quickly check our motor vehicles through inspection. How does the motor vehicle inspection station equipment work? Let's solve the working principle of the motor vehicle detection line:

1. The motor vehicle inspection line uses various types of intelligent detection instruments to survey the important data such as braking capability, rotation, light source, noise and exhaust gas of the vehicles on the road. According to the data host, the real-time data of each detection equipment is collected, and the collected data will be collected. Enter the computer to determine if it is qualified.

Motor vehicle inspection station equipment

Second, the brake detection system for the detection of motor vehicle safety feedback of the vehicle detection line, the platform test station, usually the vehicle mechanical motion detection line, according to the low-speed form of the vehicle to the detection platform, using the inertia of real-time braking to analyze Braking effect.

Motor vehicle inspection station equipment

Third, the motor vehicle detection line drum reversal test station, commonly used in the vehicle structure fixed detection line, when using mechanical braking, the wheel on the drum gives the rotating drum a reaction force, reflecting its braking force.

Environmentally friendly motor vehicle testing equipment

The operation of the inspection station is inseparable from the efficient operation of the detection line equipment. The motor vehicle inspection system independently developed by Shenbang has a complete product line and fusion solution for the automotive inspection industry. It has complete vehicle safety performance testing line, comprehensive performance testing line, environmental exhaust emission testing line, automobile manufacturer downline testing and maintenance completion testing line and other product solutions, and establishes a domestic motor vehicle testing industry business school to train motor vehicles. Testing technical talents. Hynix  Group was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. It is a technology company specializing in the research and development of testing equipment and technology in the automotive industry.

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