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Automated assembly automation system and workstation research in the automotive industry


Automotive industry automation assembly automation system and workstation research, the following non-standard automation equipment testing, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

Research and integration of automatic feeding (vibration, material stack, chute, auxiliary line, centralized feeding, etc.), fixed positioning (positioning structure, tooling plate, fixture mold, etc.), transmission (robot, conveyor line, etc.), sorting, Press-fit, riveting (riveting, riveting, riveting, etc.), welding (friction welding, laser welding, arc welding, high-frequency welding, etc.), cutting (mechanical, laser, etc.), gluing (grease, sealant, Foaming materials, etc., grouping, inserting, tightening, sealing, cleaning, oiling, testing (missing, position, force, angle, damage, leakage, electrical performance, quality, motion function, etc.), labeling (laser High-automation systems or stand-alone workstations with all or part of functional units, such as vacuum coding, engraving and milling, pneumatics, etc., vacuum, packaging, etc.

At present, a large number of such small and medium-sized enterprises have emerged in China, providing spare parts for domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers. However, the equipment for auto parts manufacturers in China is very backward. Most of them are still in simple, low-level hand workshop production. It is difficult to meet the requirements of quality consistency and mass production in processing other parts and their products. Well-known automakers are favored, and large orders are not able to undertake. Therefore, they urgently need to improve product grades, increase production and expand capacity, and strive to achieve a solid industrial position. They urgently need modern professional production lines. At the same time, the state should support the key technologies in auto parts assembly equipment for auto parts, solve some key technologies, and promote the road of healthy development of China's auto parts.

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