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How does the transformer coil affect the winding machine of the winding machine manufacturer?


How does the transformer coil affect the winding machine of the winding machine manufacturer, the following non-standard handling robot manufacturer Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

As China's economy develops rapidly and steadily, the demand for electricity is also growing. As the basic equipment for power transmission and transformation in the power industry, transformers are widely used in power plants, converter stations, substations and customer terminals. They occupy a very important position in the power industry, and their demand is also increasing day by day. The market prospect is very broad. This puts higher requirements on the production efficiency of China's transformers. At the same time, along with the global energy crisis, it is imperative to produce more energy-efficient transformers. It is against this background that China's transformer manufacturing standards are repeatedly raised, and the requirements for performance indicators are becoming more and more strict.

There are two future development directions for transformers: one is ultra-high voltage, large capacity, and the other is high efficiency, intelligence, small size and low noise. In addition to the structural design, the quality and economic and technical performance of the transformer depend to a large extent on the technical level of the manufacturing process and manufacturing equipment. In order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for transformer quality and performance indicators, fully automatic winding machine manufacturers must improve the technical level of transformer foil winding machines, enabling them to produce transformers that can meet the needs of national power development.

 Today's vertical winding machines are further expanding into large-scale. The original vertical winding machine of the automatic winding machine manufacturer has a load of only 20t, and has now been increased to 40t. The coil diameter is larger to 3500mm and the larger height is up to 4000mm. The airbag plate type tensioning device is used, and the digital display shows the tension, and the tension control is more accurate, stable and reliable. In order to improve the dimensional accuracy of the wound coil, the radial winding of the vertical winding machine is controlled, and the winding mold head fixing device is added; in order to control the axial runout, a high-precision double-row roller type large bearing is used. Therefore, winding production reaches a new level by using coil-wound special equipment. Therefore, it is possible to further reduce the loss, reduce the partial discharge, reduce the weight, and reduce the cost of the transformer.

From the perspective of the design of the transformer winding structure, not all the coils used can be produced using a vertical winding machine. Such as layered structure, multi-spiral structural coil. If the coil is wound by an ordinary horizontal winding machine, the shaft is wound without any pressure, and the line gap is large, like a compression spring. After the coil is pressed, the diameter becomes larger, and a gap is generated between the coil and the paper tube, which causes the coil to be axially unstable. In the case of axial electric power, the coil may cause damage. Therefore, the horizontal winding machine with axial and radial compression type is widely used in the production of large transformer coils. As the performance requirements of transformers become higher and higher, the production of small and medium-sized transformers has gradually begun to use compact horizontal winding machines. Hynix (HYNIX) Group was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. It is a technology company specializing in non-standard winding machines and technology research and development.

In order to control the pressing force more accurately, the automatic winding machine manufacturer has generated pressure by the torque motor or cylinder used in the original pressing mechanism, and has been replaced by a servo motor. In order to control the dimensional tolerance of the wound coil, the grating scale is increased, and the coil size is detected online. The tension of the wire reel on the multi-axle pay-off car is independently controlled. According to the length of the wound coil, the pay-off car follows the tracking to avoid new deformation of the wire and reduce the eddy current loss of the winding.

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