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Automatic winding machine winding machine operation contraindication


Commonly used functions of automatic winding machine include lap preset, automatic stop, forward and reverse winding, automatic cross-slot, etc. In actual use, it should be noted that the first is to start the idle train and stop the slow train, and start the idle train. The function is to slow the operation after the equipment is started. The purpose is to reduce the impact on the tension structure and the enameled wire. The general condition can be set to 1 to 3 times according to the actual needs. The parking slow function is the slow running of the equipment before the winding sequence is completed. This function can reduce the impact on the brakes and make the equipment smoothly end the winding, especially the winding process that needs precise positioning. This parameter must be set. According to the operating speed of the equipment, the parameters should be adjusted accordingly. 2 to 5 turns, again the direction of the cable and the direction of the winding. These two parameters are the setting of the direction of the cable displacement and the direction of the spindle rotation. The following non-standard handling robot manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

The automatic winding machine manufacturer's automatic winding machine's cable axis and spindle are controlled by the controller. There is a specific linkage relationship. The setting direction must be clear when the cable axis is displaced. Many users reflect the device alarm during debugging. This is because of the device protection caused by the setting error. The winding machine has a detection zero point for positioning the cable axis. If the device is started from the zero point, the cable axis must be moved outwards. If it is set to be inward by mistake. Movement will cause the device to alarm, and the direction of rotation of the bobbin should be determined according to the winding process. All settings should fully consider the winding process requirements. If the winding machine you purchased is not an automatic winding machine, then the operating restrictions are as follows:

1. Connection of the winding machine: After the online line is finished, the new line is tied with the old line, and then manually pulled to the guide pin and then started.

2. In the automatic working state, the body should not be placed in the area between the skeleton trough and the loading tool, otherwise the danger of pinching will occur.

3. The path of the line confirms the porcelain eye before starting the machine. When the anti-jumper passes, the flywheel of the tensioner must pass a circle. Turning on the unloading switch makes it easy to manually clamp the wire. It must be turned off before starting the machine, otherwise the wire will not be secure.

4. In the event of a power outage or emergency stop, please reset and re-clamp and restart.

5. Please confirm that the electric and compressed air are in place and can only be started after the manual state is reset.

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