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Winding machine tension release frame type


The electrical industry practitioners are familiar with processing equipment such as automatic winding machines. The technical requirements of the electrical industry are improved with the application of the products, and the technical requirements of the winding machines are increasing with the requirements of the electrical industry. Domestic manufacturers have made continuous efforts in the investment of new technologies to improve the machine type, function and precision of the winding machine. In order to meet the processing requirements of modern enameled wire, the design of the winding machine of the automatic winding machine manufacturer has been put forward. The new requirements, the following non-standard mechanical arm manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

The winding tensioner of the winding machine is roughly divided into five categories according to the application of the wire:

1. Precision electronic tensioner, an important application in the field of thin wire and fine wire.

2, magnetic damping tensioner, mainly used in the processing of 0.1 ~ 0.5 round wire.

3, wool felt friction type tension device, the application range of this type of tensioner is generally used in the case of medium thick line.

4, magnetic powder clutch type tension device, the use is very wide and better control has higher precision. Generally used in medium and thick line and flat line.

5, pneumatic caliper type tension device, this tensioner is the application of the principle of the car brake to generate tension, by adjusting the air pressure to control the size of the tension. This type of tensioner produces a large amount of tension and is primarily used in flat wire, copper strip, and copper foil processing applications.

Pneumatic tensioner, which is a relatively common tension mechanism, is generally used in transformer winding machines. So what is the working principle of it? It mainly applies a certain amount of air pressure on the brake piston, and then the piston presses the brake disc to generate a certain braking torque, which is converted into tension by the pay-off shaft. The second is the electromagnetic tensioner. From its name, we can see that its principle is to energize a magnetic coil to generate gravity, and then to make the rotating shaft produce tension under the influence of gravity. This type of tensioner controllability Strong, mainly used in high-precision tension adjustment or high-demand winding occasions, we must pay special attention.

The other is the friction type tensioner. This type of tensioner should be well understood. The principle of its implementation is also very simple. It is mainly achieved by the damping coefficient of the friction material to achieve rotational damping. Its structure is also very simple. Such a tensioner is generally used in a winding situation where the tension requirement is not very high. What components of the tensioner are composed of? Frictional tensioners are generally composed of friction materials, pressure springs, adjusting nuts, and fixed discs, rotating discs, etc. For the tension mechanism of the winding machine of the automatic winding machine, we still need to clearly understand, so that we can more clearly Good use of vertical winding machines for normal production work.

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