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Non-standard mechanical arm pneumatic circuit working principle


Non-standard robot arm no-load balance: high-pressure air enters the manifold through the filter, all the way to the no-load regulator, after the pressure is regulated by the shuttle valve (the shuttle valve is the logic or the gate, the output always takes the largest input) ) Control the output pressure of the precision pressure regulating valve, and properly adjust the output of the no-load pressure regulating valve, so that the precision pressure regulating valve outputs the appropriate air pressure to achieve the no-load balance. The following non-standard handling robot manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

 Booster manipulator load balance: open the lift switch (branch 4), so that the gas passes through the one-way throttle valve to the reversing valve, the reversing valve is open, the gas is passed through the load regulating valve (branch 5), the reversing valve, the two-way section The flow valve enters the shuttle valve. When the pressure of the load regulating valve output to the shuttle valve is greater than the pressure of the idle pressure regulating valve output to the shuttle valve, the output of the shuttle valve is the pressure determined by the load pressure regulation. The output of the precision pressure regulating valve, the output pressure pushes the cylinder, and the load regulating valve is adjusted to achieve load balancing.

When the power-assisted manipulator is lifted up, the cylinder pressure drops. Because the constant pressure output of the precision pressure regulating valve compensates, the pressure in the cylinder is maintained. When the robot is pulled down, the pressure inside the cylinder increases, and the air passes through the precision pressure regulating valve. The overflow of the nozzle is discharged into the atmosphere to maintain the pressure of the cylinder. The two branches of 1 and 2 play the role of safety protection, that is, when the air supply suddenly stops supplying air, the two normally closed reversing valves return to the closed blocking circuit to maintain the cylinder pressure, which can ensure that the load slowly falls back.

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