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Booster robot operation and precautions


Before the system is ventilated, first check whether the direction of each operation switch is correct. Keep the robot away from the equipment and personnel, so as to avoid accidents such as sudden injury caused by the robot arm. Turn on the switch to turn on the air supply. When the system is ventilated, the brake cylinders of the three joints should be in the braking state. After the ventilation, the brake switch is opened and the joints can be rotated within the specified range. The following non-standard automated equipment testing, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

When adjusting the balance, first reduce the pressure to “0” and rotate slowly clockwise. At this time, the pressure gauge reading slowly rises, the manipulator rises slowly, and when the force is raised by the manual force, the force of raising and pulling down is equivalent. , indicating that the state is in equilibrium.

The robot must not arbitrarily shut off the air supply during work. When not in use, the robot should be rotated away from other equipment and the fixture should be lowered to a minimum. When the air source is turned off, pay attention to check the robot and return all its operation buttons to the "off" state.

Basic precautions in operation:

1) The lifting weight must not exceed the maximum lifting capacity.

2) Do not extend your hands, feet or any part of your body under the hanging objects.

3) Do not put your hand or fingers into the gap of the arm.

4) The face and hands should not protrude into the top of the arm or the upper part of the fitting during operation.

5) Do not carry the operating robot before confirming that the workpiece is clamped to prevent the workpiece from slipping.

6) When the robot is not working or temporarily stopped, the brake switch should be restored to the original position, and the robot should be stopped in the idle position, so as to prevent the robot from being injured by external force and causing injury to the equipment and personnel.

7) Do not use the operation method of biasing or breaking the heavy object, that is, the arm should not be shaken vigorously during the operation.

8) No one is allowed to enter the job site when the operator is working.

9) When the operator leaves the job site, the robot should be placed in the idle position and the robot fixture should be placed at the lowest position.

Hynix  Group was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. It is a technology company specializing in industrial robot system integration and technology research and development. The company has a strong R & D team, has a variety of professionals engaged in hardware and software development, the company's products cover medical, automotive, oil, gas, automatic loading and unloading, non-standard pipe automation, food and beverage industries, including testing, assembly , handling, welding, packaging, system overall solutions, robotic integration applications, etc.

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