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How to operate and maintain non-standard automation equipment


In our usual days, many units will choose to replace labor with a suitable machine to improve production power. Non-standard automation equipment is one of the commonly used machines.

Operation: Integrated communication of non-standard automation equipment can achieve greater transparency in all plant scales. This indicates that the factory can respond more quickly and flexibly as demand changes and adopt a very useful diagnosis. In this way, unplanned parking can be low. The integration of Totally Integrated Automation also means that no matter the direct operation control system is still through the operation panel, all stations are operated in unison.

Maintenance: Intelligent maintenance strategies for non-standard automation equipment allow you to view, profile and eliminate possible sources of error faster, even with long-distance maintenance. Modules can be replaced during many of our system operations. The consistency of the components also reduces the burden on the maintenance engineer. Hynix (HYNIX) Group was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. It is a technology company specializing in non-standard automation equipment testing and technology research and development.

The non-standard automation equipment industry is a non-standard equipment, not a device made according to the consistent industry standards and standards promulgated by the state, but a device designed and manufactured according to the needs of its own use. Equipment that is not in appearance or performance in the National Equipment Catalog.

The strengths of non-standard automation equipment:

1. It can be used to improve production power and improve product quality;

2. Improve labor intensity and reduce the incidence of occupational diseases;

3. Lay an outstanding foundation for corporate image.

Non-standard automation equipment manufacturers introduced, some maintenance is required daily, such as the temperature and humidity of the inverter to view, due to its impact on the inverter will have an important impact, when the environment is too high, the time is very simple to cause the frequency conversion The power equipment is damaged, or the circuit is short-circuited, and the high humidity in the air is also very simple to cause a short circuit to the circuit, so pay special attention to its temperature and humidity. Secondly, we also need to check whether the cooling system is normal during the operation of the inverter. Usually, we mainly check whether the air duct exhaust is circulating or not, and whether the fan has abnormal sound. For some inverters with protection level below IP20, let us It is also necessary to check whether the rotation of the fan is circulating, and whether the air inlet is dusty or other obstruction. For the inverter itself, we need to see if the current is too large or the current changes and the undulation is too large. The output uvw is not balanced between the three-phase voltage and current. Is the motor reactor, transformer, etc. Overheating, smell, the inverter and its motor are not unusual sounds and so on.

The maintenance work of some non-standard non-standard automation equipment inverters may be required to be carried out in the first quarter. For example, the air filter cooling air duct and its internal dust are removed, and the screws, bolts and their inserts are loose. Is the input-output reactor resistance short-circuited? Under normal circumstances, its resistance value is greater than the practice of megaohms. When the resistance value is about zero, the circuit short-circuit scene is indicated. Check if the conductor and insulator are corroded. If necessary, use alcohol to scrub it clean. Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the signal is normal. Investigate whether the voltage value output by the oscilloscope measuring switching power supply is within the normal scale. Is the uvw phase-to-phase waveform sinusoidal, and whether the square wave of each waveform of the driving circuit is distorted? Wait. Non-standard automation equipment manufacturers have shown that when it is found that the contactor's electric shock marks are obvious, it is also necessary to replace it with the same model or a new product larger than its original capacity. The accurate value of the voltage is confirmed to ensure the smooth progress of the sequence maintenance action experiment, to ensure that the maintenance display loop is not abnormal, and the frequency converter balances the output voltage value when the inverter is running alone.

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 Hynix  Group was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. It is a technology company specializing in industrial robot system integration and technology research and development. The company has a strong R & D team, has a variety of professionals engaged in hardware and software development, the company's products cover medical, automotive, oil, gas, automatic loading and unloading, non-standard pipe automation, food and beverage industries, including testing, assembly , handling, welding, packaging, system overall solutions, robotic integration applications, etc.

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