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How can non-standard automation equipment effectively reduce wear and tear?


For non-standard automation equipment, the maintenance cost is relatively large. Therefore, enterprises generally find ways to reduce wear and tear. What are the methods to reduce the wear of non-standard automation equipment? The following industrial robot system integration manufacturers Xiaobian introduce to you:

First, avoid corrosion, maintain metal appearance

Non-standard automation equipment must be protected from contact with surrounding media such as air, water, water vapor, corrosive gases and liquids, causing the metal appearance of the machine to rust, corrode and damage.

Second lowering the temperature

In the process of using non-standard automation equipment, a certain amount of lubricating oil should be appropriately added to reduce the friction coefficient and reduce the occurrence of friction. The working machine restrains the work done by the friction, all of which is converted into heat, a part of which is dispersed outward by the body, and a part of which causes the temperature of the machine to decrease from time to time. The use of a liquid smoothing agent can take away the heat generated by the friction and act as a cooling and cooling machine to control the machine to operate within the required temperature range. Effectively reduces wear.

Therefore, non-standard automation equipment through these methods to achieve mechanical damage, thereby effectively reducing the cost of maintenance. Hynix Group was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. It is a technology company specializing in industrial robot system integration and technology research and development. The company has a strong R & D team, has a variety of professionals engaged in hardware and software development, the company's products cover medical, automotive, oil, gas, automatic loading and unloading, non-standard pipe automation, food and beverage industries, including testing, assembly , handling, welding, packaging, system overall solutions, robotic integration applications, etc.

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