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What is the difference between non-standard automation equipment and automation equipment?


With the continuous improvement of labor costs, more and more enterprises are paying attention to the field of factory automation, which also brings development opportunities to this industry. At present, there are two automation equipments and non-standard automation equipments in this field. What is the difference between automation equipment and automation equipment? The following non-standard robot arm manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

Automated equipment: Automated equipment using automation technology can not only free people from heavy physical labor, part of mental work and harsh and dangerous working environment, but also expand human organ function, greatly improve labor productivity and enhance human understanding of the world. And the ability to transform the world.

Non-standard automation equipment: Non-standard automation equipment definition is a user-customized, user-only, non-market circulation automation system integration equipment. It is assembled by unit equipment manufactured according to the unified industry standards and specifications promulgated by the state. The customer's use requires the development of equipment designed and manufactured. Different types of customers have different process requirements.

The automation equipment contains non-standard automation equipment. Non-standard is a relative concept. It originally refers to the connection parts of various process lines. For example: an engine production line, car, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, and boring are standard node equipment. The parts of the transport, transfer, and automatic upper and lower parts that connect these devices are called non-standards; later, the concept is extended, and the whole line can also be called non-standard, because the process layout of each factory is different, and various core equipments Constantly adjusting and changing, the line does not have the possibility of being completely copied, so it is called non-standard.

The difference between non-standard automation and automation equipment:

1. Non-standard automation is set and customized according to customer requirements, and automation is a fixed model.

2, non-standard automation is a small amount of production, automation equipment in line with the production volume

3, the automation equipment is a complete set of computer control, its setting has a certain degree of professionalism and limit. Non-standard automation equipment can be matched and set according to actual needs, but it is not a standard equipment.

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