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Which companies need non-standard robots


Which companies need to buy custom non-standard robots? Before answering this question, we first understand what a "non-standard robot" is. The following non-standard handling robot manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

Non-standard robots are defined as non-standard equipment. They are not manufactured according to the uniform industry standards and specifications promulgated by the state, but are designed and manufactured according to their own needs. Equipment that is not in appearance or performance in the National Equipment Catalog. Non-standard robots can be divided into fully automated non-standard equipment and semi-automatic non-standard equipment according to the degree of automation.

A non-standard robot is physically a mechanical production device. Conceptually it is a series of specific actions. It is specially customized according to the production environment, production type, and production process. Therefore, even if the same type of non-standard equipment of the same function, its shape And the size is not the same.

With the development of industry, the demand for workers in all walks of life has been greatly increased. In the production sector, the wages of workers in labor-intensive enterprises are a large expenditure, and the cost is rising sharply. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, we want to make cheaper products. The only way to go is to lower the production cost and increase production efficiency. The speed of manual operation is limited. No matter which station, which product. We do not rule out the possibility of operating on a machine. The wages of the workers are only rising (determined by the labor law), and they are paid on a monthly basis, which increases with the extension of the working years of the workers.

Then, back to the question itself, which companies need to use non-standard robots?

First, companies that need to reduce labor costs.

With the continuous improvement of the material and spiritual life of the society and the higher demands of workers for material and spiritual life, the wage level of workers has shown an upward trend year by year. What is more serious is that with the development of urbanization across the country, the economic development gap between the east and the west is gradually narrowing. The workers in the eastern coastal areas will gradually be dispersed, and the recruitment of factories will become more and more difficult. In order to retain workers, they have to pay more. High salary. For this type of enterprise, the emergence of non-standard robots can effectively solve the problem of workers in enterprises with high cost. Non-standard robots can carry out production operations 24 hours a day. Companies only need to train a small number of people who manage these non-standard equipment to complete most of the production, thus fundamentally solving the dependence on the number of workers. Hynix (HYNIX) Group was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. It is a technology company specializing in the research and development of testing equipment and technology in the automotive industry.

Second, companies that need to improve production efficiency.

For a company with a fast development speed, the efficiency of production is the source of the enterprise, the guarantee of the brand, and the delivery of the production order to the customer in time and quality will bring more orders, so good cycle. To achieve this wonderful vision, companies need to improve the equipment used for production, especially non-standard robots. Through the continuous accumulation and optimization of production experience, non-standard robots are introduced into specific production processes that are particularly time-consuming and labor-intensive, so that non-standard Equipment to automate, will greatly improve the efficiency of production.

Third, enterprises that need to improve production quality.

The production quality of the product is the foundation of the company and is the guarantee of the brand. The quality of traditional production products is determined by the proficiency of workers in the production process and production tools. Workers are more mobile due to personal development and emotional factors. Therefore, the quality of workers is uneven, resulting in The result is that the product's defective rate is different, which is not conducive to the maximization of corporate interests. The non-standard robot is the conceptualization of the production experience of the enterprise. It can accurately complete the various actions of production, ensure the established quality of the product, reduce waste, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise in the market.

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